9 Telltale Signs When Libra Is Bored With You

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9 Signs When Libra Is Bored With You

  1. They will become distant
  2. No interest in sharing everything with you
  3. They barely know you exist
  4. Passive antagonism
  5. They will often be distracted
  6. Little or almost no communication
  7. Reduce touches
  8. Pay less attention to your needs
  9. No apologies after problems

If you’re a sensitive person, you’re likely to notice behaviors that indicate that your partner doesn’t want to continue the relationship. His feelings will be expressed in his voice when making his final decision.

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1. They will become distant

Libras love to participate in the lives of their loved ones. It doesn’t take them long to do so, especially when they truly love their partner and want a long-term relationship with them. But when they no longer love you, they no longer care.

They withdraw their focus from the relationship in general and focus on their personal life, which causes them to stop caring about their lover. Whether male or female Libra, they will no longer care when Libra is bored with you. They will become unconsciously distant.

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2. No interest in sharing everything with you

Often, Libra men or women are excited to share their thoughts, ideas, successes, and failures with everyone they love and cherish. They are often weak when around their lovers and let their lovers care about every detail of their lives.

But when they get tired of the relationship and problems that seem to have no end, the excitement subsides, and they begin to hide some things or talk to others they care about. If you want to know anything about them, you may have to ask questions directly, you can get detailed answers.

3. They hardly know you exist

When a Libra loves you, they will tell people about you and introduce you to close friends and family whenever possible. And depending on your Libra partner’s personality, you’ll always feel their happy energy all around you.

The opposite happens when your relationship has a problem that can’t be solved. Their attention to you is curtailed and so is love. They don’t seem to know you exist anymore. This is one of the signs that Libra wants to end.

4. Passive opposition

This is one of the characteristics of people born with the Libra zodiac sign. Libras can express their happiness to the fullest when they experience something good and uplifting. They will take the time to plan vacations or unexpected gifts for their lover.

They don’t have the same level of energy when they’re angry. Instead, they will show passive aggression in the relationship. If you irritate them and they still care, they will speak ill and give you another chance to correct your mistake. But when Libras are bored with you, they will shut up, plot against you and give you silent treatment.

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5. They will often be distracted

Distractions rarely happen to a Libra guy or girl. When they still love you, they will always value the relationship between the 2 of you. Libra men are indecisive when it comes to making important choices. They will do anything to make their partner feel special.

But when they are no longer interested, they begin to focus on other women, except you. The same applies to Libra women. They start talking to other men to forget about you if they are afraid or feel the relationship may come to an end.

6. Little or almost no communication

According to zodiac astrology, openness is one of the personality traits of Libra. A Libra man or woman will communicate to let you know how they feel about the relationship, positive or negative, and the part of it that needs to change.

That communication stops when they get tired of their partner and may give unclear reasons for this. They stop trying to face bad situations, return to their comfort zone and let worse things happen. They are willing to give up when Libra is bored with you.

7. Reduce touches

Libra loves romance. They want to show affection and sweet gestures openly and privately from their lover. They can go so far as to demand it if they care enough about you.

Conversely, when Libras are bored with you, they get tired of your sweet gestures to them. Even if they smile, they won’t appreciate them as much as they still care about you.

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8. Pay less attention to your needs

When a Libra man or woman loves you, they will do anything to make you happy. Your needs will be put ahead of theirs and they will make sure to support you in everything you choose to do. You will get maximum attention from them.

You don’t get attention from Libra when they want to break up. They turn their attention to something else or someone else they feel is more valuable than you at the moment, stop appreciating you, and reduce giving you gifts and compliments.

9. Do not apologize after problems

When there is a problem in your relationship, a Libra knows when they are at fault and will do anything to show you how sorry they are for their wrongdoing. Some Libras may hold a small “I’m sorry” type date to make things work out.

The opposite happens when Libra is bored with you. They apologize because they feel you need it, but it may not come from a heart or a place of love and respect. It may just be to calm the situation and the atmosphere so that you relax a little.

If you have a Libra boyfriend or girlfriend who once loved you and you feel they suddenly start behaving strangely or acting as if they want to break up, you can try to find the 9 signs that I mentioned. If you want to understand more about Libra to avoid this situation, you can read the articles about Libra girl’s lover type and male Libra in love .

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