10 Reasons Why Falling in Love with Libra Is So Hard

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Libra has never been the easiest person to love. Libra has too many characteristics of independence and is also very introverted. However, if you understand them, Libras can be great companions. Here are the reasons that the Mystery King has gathered, analyzing why falling in love with Libra is so difficult.

Reasons to love Libra is difficult

1. Libra is indifferent

Libra does not burden itself emotionally; they detach from the feelings they know can bring about imbalances in the perfectly balanced world they have always tended to maintain. Sometimes they don’t want any physical romance but instead something emotional or a deep conversation, which can make their partner feel unwanted or sometimes they feel ignored. This is the first reason why falling in love with Libra is so difficult.

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2. Libra is sometimes quite superficial

A Libra may pay so much attention to their appearance that they ignore someone’s inner beauty. Therefore, they tend to judge the external beauty of the other. When you look your best, no problem. When you don’t, Libra will probably let you know. The way they tell you may not be very subtle either. This makes it very difficult for you to fall in love with Libra because they are not so deep.

3. Libra is very indecisive

Don’t count on Libra to make decisions. Just deciding where to eat dinner can be difficult for a Libra. They may also regret it after making a purchase because Libra is impulsive. Libra can buy you something beautiful and then regret spending the money. It’s not because of you. That’s just because of Libra’s personality. For those who expect someone who is assertive and able to be a prop, it can be difficult to love Libra.

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4. Libra has expensive tastes

Libras usually like expensive things. The problem is, they can’t always afford those interests. As a result, Libras sometimes overspend. This can be a warning for those who don’t have a lot of money in their account, but a Libra can’t back down when it comes to caring about themselves. So if you want to get along with a Libra, take them shopping. Most people find it difficult to see their account getting thinner and thinner and that’s why falling in love with Libra is so hard.

5. Libra is sometimes unreliable

Libras are lazy people. They don’t go too deep into a conversation to memorize things. So if you happen to see them forgetting their promises, know that that’s who they are. This is a big deal because keeping and delivering on promises will help build trust and make the relationship stronger. And for those who value promises, being able to love Libra is hard for them.

While Libras are sometimes unreliable, they are very faithful lovers who can do anything for their beloved.

6. Diplomacy

Libra’s diplomacy is considered a good trait, as they always try to solve messy situations with their diplomacy. Libra’s neutrality and conflict resolution are indeed very good. But when it comes to a relationship, one needs to be on the side of one’s partner and stand with them.

However, instead of choosing sides, a Libra will normally try to maintain harmony and peace through diplomacy. This can sometimes hurt Libra’s partner. They may feel as if Libra is not on their side, does not support them. This makes it very difficult to love Libra.

7. Introverted personality

A Libra must have time alone. They will go crazy if they don’t achieve it. This can be confusing for partners. Sometimes Libras act withdrawn when they want to have time alone. This can sometimes make you feel unwanted or as if you’re causing a lot of trouble. This is also one reason why falling in love with Libra is so difficult.

However, understand that it’s not that Libra doesn’t like being with you. It’s just that sometimes Libras need periods of alone time to maintain a sense of balance and harmony, which is so important to them.

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8. Libra hates change

Libras like everything as it is, they will not want to change any aspect . They believe this will alter the balance in their lives. They hate facing a mess or whatever leads to it. So they always avoid it at any cost. This can also keep them from taking risks, but since love is about taking risks and struggling to break standards, this can be one reason why loving Libra is so hard.

9. You will never know why

This means that they are very good at hiding their intentions about anything. They may explain a logical reason to you, but you may never know the real reason behind it. This is not necessarily malicious, but only shows Libra’s controlling nature. This can be beneficial to Libra’s love life but can also adversely affect and make love more difficult for Libra.

10. Libra sometimes pretends

This demonstrates the dramatic nature of Libra. Sometimes they get hurt but don’t show it, or sometimes they’re happy but act like they’re hurt for their own reasons. This can sometimes bring mistrust to a relationship and hurt their partner. This is also 1 reason why falling in love with Libra is so difficult.


These are the reasons why it is so difficult to love Libra. However, Libra is also a very faithful, affectionate and wonderful type of person in love. You can also find out more what loving 1 Libra would be like. You just need to be patient and find a way to understand and sympathize with them, Libra will bring you a beautiful, sweet and lasting love.

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