6 reasons female Capricorns are cold and tips when dating female Capricorns

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Are you in love with a Capricorn? And you realize she’s not too emotionally open, sometimes too cold and aloof? Everything has its reasons, the way your Capricorn behaves comes from her personality. Let’s analyze and explain why Capricorns are so cold, to understand more about your Capricorn.

Reasons Female Capricorns are cold and aloof

If you’re dating a Capricorn girl, you may realize she seems a little unapproachable. The first date is fine, but then she will say something as if she is too busy with work and may not have much time for you. She sometimes doesn’t say anything if it’s not the subject of the job. Even if you’re in love, Capricorn’s distant and disappearing actions still leave you confused and frustrated.

You can’t help but wonder why female Capricorns are so cold?

Astrologically, being cold is a common way to protect yourself from getting hurt. It’s like you have trust issues: you don’t want others to come near you or take having you for granted, so you end up building a thick wall to drive them away.

Let’s dig deep into the icy soul of Capricorn.

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1. The pessimistic nature of Capricorn

From an early age, Capricorns understood that life is full of difficulties and suffering. They get suspicious when things feel too easy, and often feel insecure when things are going well.

Some bows like Pisces often see life through pastel pink glasses, seeing things only in a positive light. Instead of enjoying easy situations, they simply wait for the next thing to go wrong. This pessimism from within contributes to the cold female Capricorn they often show. They tend to think realistically, albeit gloomy.

Don’t come to a Capricorn with high hopes and dreams, expecting them to validate your whimsical ideas. They are responsible for taking a sledgehammer and smashing them to pieces. Capricorns do not disregard your feelings, they just consider their (often pessimistic) realism to be the right approach in any situation.

Capricorns will dissect your ideas to find any potential weaknesses. They do this because they want to help you improve your plans and ideas; but what they tend to overlook is your emotional sensitivity, which makes them heartless and makes you think female Capricorns are cold.

It can feel like Capricorn is trying to make you feel incapable of dreaming big. But in their minds, they’re just trying to stop you from experiencing failure and disappointment.

Capricorn’s tough approach comes from an innate desire to guide and care for people. Capricorns don’t want you to be sad.

That’s why a lot of times you see Capricorn cold, but she’s just a little pessimistic and wants to help you.

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2. Capricorn’s need for safety

Female Capricorns are cold and wary due to a deep fear of becoming vulnerable. When they feel vulnerable, they will cope by turning cold.

It may seem unclear, but Capricorn is very sensitive. Their early lives were often fraught with difficulties, and they quickly learned to erect thick walls so they wouldn’t have to go through that pain again.

This is also why Capricorn can be very picky about who she spends time with. It’s a tactic to see if the person is willing to be with her and get through every gate. They want to make sure you’re someone worth investing in.

This means they can take you through multiple tests to see how responsive you are. One of them is to appear to be a female Capricorn cold to you to see what you do. Will you wait patiently or will you walk away without further thought?

3. Ambition and determination towards capricorn goals

Capricorns are highly ambitious. They will seize whatever opportunities life offers them and they will not stop working hard until their goals are achieved. According to Capricorn, too many emotions will prevent them from achieving success in life.

This zodiac sign is associated with the mountain goat for a reason. Capricorns are very hardworking people. They don’t mind toiling if it means they’ll eventually succeed.

They dislike outside influences and often cling to their decisions after making up their mind. This can make them seem disinterested, alienated, and cold. They are extremely serious, when starting a project, they will focus on it 200% until it is completed and no one can stand in their way.

Maybe the Female Capricorn is cold and ignores you because they are busy. No matter how much Capricorns love you, they will never let their emotions or feelings control them. Capricorns always show a strong, cold image so that they do not get distracted.

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4. Capricorns want to keep a cold image

Capricorn believes that one of the factors that leads to success is having a suitable image; that explains why they always take care of their image and make sure that it stays right in all cases. They like to be seen as practical, logical and controlling.

They know that maintaining a strong image means they can’t allow themselves to express their feelings too much. Inherently interested in reputation and goals, Capricorns soon learn to never let their emotions affect them.

This is also one reason why female Capricorns are cold. But once they feel comfortable that everyone knows their image, it’s easier for them to open up and joke around.

5. Capricorns like to follow the rules

Capricorns are traditional people, so it would be understandable if they followed all the rules. If you try to show your openness to them, they will feel uncomfortable; as a result, they will be cold to you.

However, asking them to try something new means forcing them to take risks and of course they don’t like it. For example, you try to suggest a new route that can help you get to your destination faster, but all you get in return is a look like they want to say, “Can you understand the rules?”

As one of the three earth signs, Capricorns are earth-facing and stand firm, just like Taurus. This is why they don’t really like change and are quite stubborn when it comes to making their own decisions.

One thing is for sure, Capricorns cannot be cold for 365 days of the year.
If you don’t want to see the daily icy side of your cold female Capricorn, then you should let her know that you trust her and give her a sense of security.

6. Capricorn’s emotionally deficient love language

Capricorns can be disappointing for those who prefer a more ostentatious love style. The love language of this cold female Capricorn is much more material and realistic.

Unlike many other zodiac signs (except Virgo), Capricorns like to express love with action. They may be good at helping you with work or chores and see it as a way to show how much they care about you.

They love to give advice and desire to nurture affection. Instead of listening and empathizing, capricorns may sometimes just try to fix the problem. This makes you feel female Capricorn cold. However, this is the way to build a strong love of Capricorn.

Advice when dating female Capricorns

After you have understood why Capricorn is cold and how she behaves, what should you do?

In case she ignores and distances herself from you, do not force her. She can tell you to go away. That doesn’t mean you can’t pull her out of “work mode”: try with a simple hug or a sweet word and suggest that do something fun.

Don’t expect or demand much of it, though, okay?

Right now, you are dating a Capricorn girl, so understanding her is necessary. The problem is that she is not the type of person who is comfortable expressing her feelings to others. To cope with this, patience is key.

Pessimistic, unstable and stubborn, she tends to do what she wants and likes things to be made her way. When it comes to love, she won’t waste your and her time.

If she doesn’t like you, she will completely ignore you as if you never existed. Getting to know her better, you will realize she is the woman who will disappear without warning.

Although Capricorn is cold, she always wants the best for her partner. She will support you, motivate you to be effective and proactive, and stick with you. Quite mysterious, serious and intolerant, she will learn to accept who you are if she truly loves you. She is a family-oriented individual, so obviously she will build the best combination for her and her partner.

Keep this woman interested, because she tends to get bored quickly. Very traditionally, she is not someone you would see dating many men or meeting people very often. She is rather a woman who takes her relationships very seriously and will only be with the man she loves.

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Although the female Capricorn is cold and aloof, she is also an ideal person for her loved ones. She will stick with a friend, family member, or partner of hers until the very end. Capricorns are relentless hard workers and she also works tirelessly to build and create deep bonds with her important relationships.

The key to all of this is trust. When a Capricorn girl trusts you, she will fight for you to the end.

Capricorn is cold but if you can be patient and empathetic with her, you will have a loving and faithful partner for life.

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