[Horoscope] Male Libra: character and love

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According to Western astrology, men with birth dates from 22/9 to 23/10 will belong to the male sign Libra (also known as Libra). So what kind of love and love will The Libra male have, let’s find out all about this guy with kingbian.

Male Libra: Overview & Personality Traits

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Male Librans are incredibly charming, often gorgeous to look at, quick-witted — but in the end, extremely difficult to take down.

These guys usually never stay long and tend to float between relationships, careers, and friendships like clouds of cotton candy. They leave sweet flavors on the tip of your tongue, but they’re usually not the most nutritious or fulfilling connection — unless you encounter the rare Libra man who has actually decided to sit down and work on himself.

A commitment to knowing oneself and achieving balance in one’s own life can create a trait not often seen in this sign: true mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual equilibrium. Without focusing on intrinsic balance, Libra men can wobble and wobble back and forth from one extreme to another like a deflected seesaw.

As the only zodiac sign represented by an inanimate object (Scales), it can be difficult to remember that a Libra man is only human and sometimes it is difficult for him to connect with his humanity.

A male Libra is the ultimate good guy, a fairy prince who flies from scene to scene, creating harassment and causing a bit of dust before inevitably disappearing in a pile of pixie powder. He is a naturalist poet who likes to compose lyrical epics for utopian ideals of truth, unity and beauty. And it’s a perfect world, a castle in the air that he built through his days of lazy daydreaming and doodling, fond of weaving and amusing — but in the end, what does he have to embody for all his beautiful ideas? Sometimes not enough.

Creating something realistic from his shining inspiration and building a concrete foundation for his vision will help this optimistic Libra man commit to being a part of something that will mean more to him in the long run – something that can be hard to imagine for this man. tends to live entirely in the moment.

Male Libra: Love

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As a romantic who often sees poetic ideals rather than grim truths, the male Libra finds his rose-colored glasses get in the way of seeing what the actual situation is like.

His partner can hardly live up to the lofty pedestals he loves to place them on. The harsh angles and lessons of real life make this archenemy prince uncomfortable. Decisions can be difficult for a Libra man who is always afraid of doing wrong and long-term commitment to his lover, who will eventually reveal the inevitable and disappoint him – or worse, who will see through his superficiality and realize that sometimes there is not much to support them all. both rhetoric and sweet words.

For this reason, male Libras have a habit of tying up multiple (or multiple) people at once — often without them even realizing what they’re doing. An artistic or spiritual connection can easily translate to flirting or an emotional relationship. Because many of these are done online or via text and are often at a distance, most of his fleeting love affairs (often with several people at once) are never satisfied or take physical action.

The Libra boy hates being alone and is afraid to actually have to deal with himself and his own deeper motivations and feelings; therefore, he turns to distracting imbalances with multiple partners to stop his own demons. Once in a committed relationship, Libra men can be a complete dream: a caring lover who will flatter you with compliments and gestures of deep appreciation for all that you stand for him. As long as he can resolve his own internal conflict between a passionate desire for freedom and a natural desire to cooperate, marriage can survive as a true long-term union. If he can stay true to himself, and be honest with whom (and how) he loves, then this romance with a lovely air sign can become a virtual life.

Libra Man: Family Life

As social humans, Libra men may not spend enough time at home to truly make it their own. But when you’re invited into his living space, you’ll find it clean and tidy, with plenty of open surfaces and mood lighting. Even in a relatively simple space, this air sign will endeavour to create an atmosphere conducive to romance.

Libra personalities desire balance and harmony above all else, and will feel uncomfortable unless everything in their personal area is completely symmetrical. If your libra partner comes home and finds that you have cleared all your surroundings so that the bed deviates from the window and the dining room chairs are scattered instead of carefully placed around the table, you may see cracks begin to form in his usually calm and gentle demeanor. Clutter and clutter offended Venus-ruled Libra men, who sometimes considered beauty and appearance to be more than basic human functions and needs. If you cook dinner in his kitchen, clean up as you go and don’t leave a pile of dishes until the next day — otherwise, those sensitive Scales might start twitching.

Libra lovers may enjoy stylish modern décor and collect branded items that may look old after a few years. White carpets or Lucite chairs may not last long, especially if there is little furniture in the house. The artful deco in the Libra male home may seem like an unlikely space for parenting, but this devoted air dad will prepare a harmonious space for learning and development. Libra men crave balance in the family and find conflict and arguments extremely uncomfortable – so don’t be surprised when they retreat into the office or out the door when the atmosphere is tense in the house.

Libra Boy: Work & Money

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In the workplace, Libras are idea-rich men who are always willing to put their analytical minds to brainstorm and dig into the world of inspiration. These guys really shine in visual areas like photography and film, or merchandising and design — areas where interfaces affect how the brain interprets meaning. Advertising and creative teams tend to put all their energy into Libra men eager to sketch out style guides that go a mile a minute. Usually, their ideas flow faster then they can solve them, so it might be ideal if they were in a position to have someone working under them to make the ephemeral a reality.

Fame and notoriety come naturally to these beautiful guys who can make a career based on their charm and appearance, and it would all be better if they had raw talent and pushed it back. Many famous Libra men give themselves a personality to build around the ordinary man below – Sting, Snoop Dogg, Flea, Divine, Meatloaf, Eminem and U2’s The Edge, who we know by the symbols they embody externally. Who are the men behind that glittering curtain? Perhaps they are the only ones who know for sure.

Good at words, fluency and improvisation, male Libra shines when it comes to acting or music. All the world is the stage for these charming people who love to have all eyes on them. As long as there is a message and meaning behind the façade, a Libra has the opportunity to become a flash of light in the pan.

Libra’s indecisive characteristics mean that they tend to be vacant between three or more professions which can make this man look like someone who does all trades, but read his resume and you can find the master of no one at all.

Gifts for male Libra

Libra men are peacocks of the zodiac sign, beautiful dandelion flowers with a penchant for beautiful colors and unusual prints. These stylish guys love to dress up in all the latest fashions, and often wear outfits of colors and looks that most men won’t be able to take their eyes off – but for this changeable Venus sign, the unusual becomes quite normal. These adorably dressed horses can have wardrobes to match even the most stylish fashion sense females in their lives. Hats and scarves are everyday accessories, as well as eye-catching sunglasses, and since Libra men always choose all of the above wrong, they will definitely be pleased when you choose for them new ones (even if they already have a full cabinet).

Quality isn’t necessarily the most important here – novelty will benefit a trendy Libra man all the time, so it’s probably best not to spend on something you hope they’ll keep and cherish forever.

Likewise, antiques and heirlooms may feel too much responsibility to them – so it’s possible to skip your grandfather’s engraved pocket watch and instead opt for a bunch of bizarre socks with pineapple and puppies. They’ll receive gifts of humor and wit — especially one that involves a private ongoing prank between the two of you.

Male Libras love art and design, so glossy, beautiful coffee table books and trips to modern art museums or performance events will delight them. They always want to go see all the shows, movies, and musicals that are being discussed on the news and on social media, so seasons or gift cards to their favorite theaters are sure to please.

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