Will he contact me again Tarot free reading

Will He Contact Me Again Tarot Free Reading

by Asteria

Will He Contact Me Again Tarot Free Reading Result:The Magician reversed

The Magician_reversed

The card you received is “The Magician” in reverse position, suggesting that your ex may be currently lacking the energy for love. It may take some time before you hear from your partner, but it’s important to note that this is because they genuinely loved you. I encourage you to be patient a little longer.

It seems that your partner went through a difficult breakup when you both separated. Initially, they felt they had no choice but to let go, but when they reminisce about the wonderful times spent with you, they question how things ended up this way.

Simultaneously, I sense their anxieties about reaching out to you, fearing potential rejection.

If you give your partner a little more time, their feelings will be resolved, and change will occur. They will reach out to you with a strong determination, saying, “I want to reconnect with you, and this time I won’t make the same mistakes!” To ensure you don’t miss this moment, I suggest focusing on self-improvement and being prepared and open to it.

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