Will he contact me again Tarot free reading

Will He Contact Me Again Tarot Free Reading

by Asteria

Will He Contact Me Again Tarot Free Reading Result:The Lover Reversed

The Lover reversed

The card chosen is “The Lover” in the reverse position, indicating the possibility of your ex-boyfriend reaching out to you either today or tomorrow.

Although a reconciliation seems likely, it is crucial for you to take control of the situation. Following the breakup, your partner is experiencing a sense of loneliness and seeks warmth by contacting you. As someone with a compassionate nature, it is natural for you to be open to receiving their advances.

However, it is important to assess your partner’s intentions. Currently, their focus appears to be more on taking advantage of you rather than genuinely starting anew. It is advisable to approach the situation calmly and engage in a proper discussion with your partner.

Rather than being led solely by the emotions of the moment, take time to reflect on the reasons for the breakup. Be honest with your partner about your feelings at the time and express what you desired from them.

By striving to understand each other once again and nurturing a sense of mutual appreciation, a bright future can be forged for both of you.

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