When Scorpios Miss Their Lover – 10 Telltale Signs

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Are you wondering if Scorpio misses you without you around? Perhaps you just started a relationship with a male Scorpio and wondered how serious the relationship would be? Or maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship and want to know how strong your feelings are? If so, the mystery king’s article on 10 ways to recognize when Scorpio remembers your lover is for you.

10 ways to recognize when Scorpio misses a lover

When Scorpios fall in love, they give their fullness to their partner. They form an incredibly deep bond with their lover. Therefore, if the relationship ends, they will be extremely miserable.

The problem is that with Scorpio, if he gets hurt or feels vulnerable, he can react in many ways. There are Scorpio men who won’t want you to know about their pain. You won’t know that he misses you.

Other Scorpio guys will want you to know how they feel. Despite the nature of hiding their secrets, Scorpio will give you clues to how they are feeling.

1. He happens to appear in the same place as you

If you find that you see him all the time, this is not a coincidence or a coincidence.

If you come across him at your favorite coffee shop or unexpected places, take it as a sign that Scorpio misses his lover. This is how he keeps in touch with you.

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2. He begins to get jealous

Although male Scorpios are inherently jealous, their jealousy increases a notch when Scorpio misses their lover. Scorpios tend to thinkand worry when they can’t make time for you. They are natural introverts and, as such, they spend a lot of time with their souls.

He will picture you with other men. This will make him nervous. You may find that his calls and texts are more frequent and he begins to inquire about your whereabouts and who you are with.

3. He follows you on social media

Although Scorpios are known to be discreet, they won’t hide from letting you know they’re following you on social media. It will start with liking or tagging you in the photo.

He will then move on to commenting on posts or writing on your wall. Using social media is how he draws you into his life.

4. He gives you many compliments

Scorpio thinks a lot inside, but these thoughts spill out in the form of compliments when Scorpio misses his lover. They can’t help but notice your sparkling eyes or how easy it is for you to organize your work and spend time with your family without even complaining.

Giving you compliments shows that he values you and that he misses having you around. He wants you to know that he understands how lucky he is to have you in his life.

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5. He asks friends about you

Did you hear from his friends that he was inquiring about you? His friends may even tell you that he told you a lot about you with them. As well as praising you, he will talk about you with friends and family members.

So listen attentively to every story related to your Scorpio. If you appear in his stories then it is a good sign that Scorpio misses his lover.

6. He will tell you

Usually, male Scorpio is very honest, so it is more likely that he will tell you when Scorpio misses his lover. Once a Scorpio man has decided to trust you and open up, he will reveal his soul. He won’t see anything wrong with telling you that he misses you. In fact, he’ll want you to know.
Scorpions don’t really play these kinds of mind games. They can wait a long time and plan revenge on the person who hurt them. But in a loving relationship, they are open and honest.

7. He will text and call more

When Scorpio misses his lover, he will call or text more often than usual. Sometimes it may be because he is a little jealous and wants to check. But maybe he just wants to connect and hear your voice. He will say that he is missing you frankly because it will make him feel more comfortable.

8. He sticks to you

Scorpio is a sticky or outright hostile person. When in love, male Scorpio becomes vulnerable. He opens the door and gives his whole heart and soul to his lover.

If he has not seen his lover for a while, he needs to be reassured about the relationship. Does she still love herself? Scorpios love to control everything. He wouldn’t like to feel vulnerable. He’ll stick to you. This is also a sign when Scorpio misses her lover.

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9. He will be very emotional

This adhesion can make your Scorpio man very emotional to you. Scorpio is famous for their passions and feelings, which will burn when Scorpio misses his lover.

He won’t be able to take his eyes off or take his hands off you. And you know that Scorpios are great lovers.

10. He wants you to make a long-term commitment to him

Scorpios are very committed people. If you don’t already know, Scorpio is the most faithful zodiac sign in the Zodiac. The amount of time apart can make him realize that you are the only one. Now he has made the decision that he wants your relationship to last longer.

He knows how he feels. He hopes you feel the same way. Scorpio man when he loves, he loves wholeheartedly and completely. So don’t be surprised if your Scorpio guy comes back with a ring and a marriage proposal.

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Sometimes it’s hard to know when Scorpio misses a lover because Scorpio’s nature is quite discreet. But if you want to find out, the Mysterious King hopes the above signs will give you an insight and value into this mysterious zodiac sign.

If you want to know more about your Scorpio, read the Scorpio – Everything you need to know (including how to seduce Scorpio) by the Mysterious King.

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