When Pisces is silent : why and what to do?

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Have you ever found yourself puzzled by the sudden silence of your cherished Pisces, leaving you wondering what you might have done to cause it? Today, at Astrologyio, we uncover the deeper meaning behind Pisces’ moments of quiet and explore strategies to respond with empathy and insight.

Pisces, ruled by the mystical realm of Neptune, often retreat into silence as they navigate the vast ocean of emotions within them. It’s not about something you did wrong; rather, it’s their innate need to connect with their inner world, seeking solace and clarity.

Join me as we explore the nuances of Pisces’ silence through the lens of astrology, uncovering the cosmic influences that shape their quiet demeanor. Together, we’ll discover ways to honor their need for introspection while offering support and reassurance along the way..

When Pisces is silent : what are the reasons?

1. Pisces are very sensitive

Pisces, oh so sensitive, embody the essence of the water element in astrology. Just like the gentle flow of a river, they’re deeply attuned to the emotions swirling around them. Their intuition runs deep, akin to the mysterious depths of the ocean. Pisces are dreamers, their thoughts like the ebb and flow of waves, teeming with boundless possibilities.

With their psychic abilities, Pisces often seem to know what’s on your mind before you even speak. Yet, beneath their dreamy exterior lies a need for security, much like water seeking its container. They find comfort in the grounded presence of Earth signs like Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, where their sensitive nature feels nurtured and safe.

However, like the tumultuous clash of water against fire, Pisces can feel overwhelmed in the presence of fiery signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. And when combined with air signs such as Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, their emotions can stir up a tempest, akin to a powerful tsunami.

Why do we emphasize Pisces’ association with water? It’s because their sensitivity and emotional depth define them. Among all the zodiac signs, Pisces stand out as the most empathetic and fragile. They absorb the feelings of others as if they were their own, acting as healers in the cosmic symphony.

So, when Pisces retreats into silence, it’s not about ignoring you; it’s about seeking solace in their own thoughts and emotions. Their mind, much like the ceaseless waves crashing against the shore, requires moments of quiet reflection to regain equilibrium.

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2. Pisces do not know how they feel about you

Pisces, ever the ponderers, often find themselves uncertain when it comes to starting new relationships. Once they’ve committed, they dive in wholeheartedly, but not before they’re absolutely certain they’ve found the right match.

Belonging to the Mutable sign, Pisces grapples with their ever-changing emotions. Decision-making isn’t their forte; the multitude of possibilities leaves them in a quandary. With so many variables at play, reaching a conclusion can feel like navigating a labyrinth.

When Pisces falls silent, it’s not a dismissal but a signal that they’re processing their feelings about you. They need time to sift through the myriad perspectives and possibilities before they can make a decision.

3. Pisces’ Efforts to Contain Emotional Outbursts

Pisces, represented by the symbol of two fish, embodies dualities that often tug them in opposing directions. They’re not typically confrontational, preferring to navigate challenges with grace. However, when pushed to their limit, they can unleash a torrent of emotions.

It’s not in Pisces’ nature to resort to aggression, especially towards loved ones. Yet, when overwhelmed by feelings they struggle to express, they may retreat into silence and distance themselves.

When Pisces goes quiet, it’s a signal that they’re grappling with their inner turmoil. They fear revealing their true emotions, hence their retreat into silence.

The symbolism of the two fish speaks to Pisces’ ability to inhabit dual worlds, such as consciousness and subconsciousness, or heaven and hell. This constant oscillation can blur the lines between reality and fantasy for Pisces, making it challenging for them to discern truth from illusion.

If you’ve been pressing Pisces about their aspirations, they may find themselves overwhelmed and retract. This isn’t a defense mechanism against your inquiries but rather a way for Pisces to avoid confrontation and maintain peace.

Remember, Pisces seeks comfort and security above all else. If your questions veer into uncomfortable territory, they may withdraw into their boundless ocean of emotions to shield themselves from potential conflict.

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4. Pisces is dealing with his worries

Anyone born under Pisces can be as unpredictable as the vast sea.

But the deep oceans are also symbols of our emotions, especially our subconscious. So Pisces is especially affected by latent stress and anxiety that has not yet appeared.

In fact, when Pisces shut up and ignore you, it may be because they are struggling with their own fears and anxieties. And the thing is, a Pisces in love, especially a Pisces man, doesn’t want to burden his partner with his own problems. Don’t forget, Pisces is a healer in the zodiac. Pisces is used to helping others, not wanting others to bother about their own troubles.

So instead of talking about what’s bothering you, Pisces will go out and try to heal yourself before you know it. Don’t depend on anyone else to help and support people through the chaos known as life. That’s Pisces’ job.

5. You hurt Pisces

The most obvious reason when Pisces shut up and ignore you is that Pisces is upset in some way and it is you who hurt Pisces. So what hurts a Pisces?

Our Pisces need constant confirmation, not only of themselves but also of your intentions. Pisces craves the security we talked about earlier and needs to see material evidence of your love and devotion.

You must let Pisces know that they are your absolute priority in life. Our Pisces are like sponges, longing to suck up all your love. If you keep it, Pisces cannot function properly. So what does Pisces do? Pisces shut up and ignores you because that’s the only way Pisces knows how to hurt you again.

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What should be done when Pisces is silent?

1. Give Pisces the space they need

The most important thing to do when Pisces is silent and ignores your messages is to give your partner some private time at first. You don’t want to completely ignore Pisces, however, keep yourself busy. Don’t constantly check your phone to see if people have responded.

Pushing, questioning, creating guilt, or cornering a Pisces will only take him or her further. This behavior will not convince Pisces to change its mind.

A sensitive and shy Pisces will be intimidated by it. When Pisces are silent, they often need some time alone.

No matter how tempted you are to confront Pisces, don’t go into attack mode. What you think is a rejection or a real insult may just be that your Pisces are lost in their own thoughts and are not aware of what you are asking for right now.

Pisces may not be ignoring you on purpose, but it can appear that way. That’s because Pisces immerse themselves in their own fantasy world and they don’t get out of sulking or daydreaming sessions until their emotions have been processed.

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2. Do not become too emotional

When Pisces is silent, especially in the case that it is male Pisces, many women make the mistake of becoming more emotional.

A Pisces guy appreciates a vulnerable, likeable and emotional companion, but he does not want to be pushed. He will vanish if you open up to him and tell him that he is the love of your life and you cannot live without him.

If you give Pisces space, they will eventually come back.

3. Care about Pisces delicately

Always give Pisces some space but still show your interest effectively by trying to find the cause so that incidents like this don’t happen again.

Remember, Pisces should still be your number one priority first. Be with Pisces and make sure you’re letting them know that you won’t abandon them even if they feel uncomfortable.

Also, when Pisces are silent, inspire them to talk about what they feel or at least be honest with you about how Pisces feel insecure no matter what it is.

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4. Say sorry sincerely

If you do not receive a response from Pisces try to apologize honestly for any part of the disagreement or conflict with Pisces.

This is feasible. When Pisces is silent there seems to be no reason. But, even if you don’t know what it is, Pisces always have a reason. Always make an effort to say sorry. Even it’s just to show your empathy for Pisces’ feelings.

A statement like “I’m sorry I’m having this problem” can help bridge the gap between you and your Pisces. This can mean the difference between a few days and a few weeks of silence for Pisces.

Take a gentle, non-confrontational approach to help Pisces reconnect with you. Send an apology to your Pisces to show that you are not trying to control or dominate them. Prove to Pisces that you are always here to help them.

Conclusion when Pisces is silent

If you want to better understand what it means to be silent, and what can you do about it? You should learn everything about your special Pisces .

No one likes to be ignored but it is important to understand that Pisces when in love acts a certain way. Once you know why a Pisces thinks and acts the way they do, you can deal with times when your Pisces are silent or ignore you better.

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