When Aquarius Hates You: The 5 Most Obvious Signals

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Do you like an Aquarius guy but aren’t sure if he has a quiet crush on you or maybe doesn’t like you? Here are some things the King of Mysteries can compare and find out when Aquarius hates you, doesn’t like you.

5 Signals When Aquarius Hates You

1. Aquarius keeps conversations at the surface

When Aquarius hates you/dislikes you, he will keep the conversation gentle and not ask anything about your life. And if you try to bring up deeper themes or feelings, he will dismiss or completely ignore them.

Aquarius men love to be uplifting and analytical when talking, even if in short conversations. So if he doesn’t do it, it means he doesn’t care. His refusal to dig deep is a big sign that Aquarius hates you/dislikes you.

He’ll probably close himself physically, too. So check to see if he’s pointing his body away from you, closing his arms tightly, or taking any other poses that seem to want to keep his distance.

Bottom line, if he shows no interest in you or talks about himself, he probably doesn’t like you.

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2. He does not want to sacrifice anything for you

Aquarius is quite whimsical about his time and attention. He rarely focuses long on any one person unless he really likes them.

And even if he cares about someone, he can hardly sacrifice and change to adapt to them. When Aquarius hates you or doesn’t care about you, he won’t want to adjust to being with you and will avoid them if possible.

Notice how he acts when he’s around you. Does he want to do everything on his terms? Will he adjust his schedule for you? And if he does, will he become distant or sarcastic as a result?

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3. He cancels appointments with you often

When Aquarius hates you or dislikes you, he will often change his plans for you.

He can tell you that he is always busy. Or something suddenly comes up.

After breaking the plan, he may not talk to or respond to you for days or weeks. And when he talks to you, he will appear distant and not hide.

Inconsistent, aloof communication is a sign when Aquarius hates you or doesn’t care.

Attention: If he does this, he may still be interested in you but he may be really busy. If you’re not sure, ask him directly.

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4. He excludes you from his list of friends

He may not admit it, but the influence of social relationships is important to him.

He analyzes everything, including situations and social relationships. So when Aquarius hates you or dislikes you, he will exclude you from his social trajectory, both physically or energetically.

When you engage in social activities together, he will not spend time with you nor will he recommend you to his friends.

If you’ve been seeing him for a while and his friends still don’t know who you are, it’s a sign that he’s not talking about you to anyone.

Do you feel like he keeps you on the sidelines of his social life? If so, maybe he doesn’t like you.

5. He gradually disappears completely from you

First, he cancels the plan with you. Next, he avoids making any specific plans. He stopped calling back. He ignores your message.

Not contacting you will be the most likely way he will take to get rid of you without telling you outright that he does not like you.

Aquarius people are not good at pretending. This becomes apparent by his level of interaction with someone he does not like or with whom he loses attraction.

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What to do when Aquarius hates you?

So you already know the five signals he will emit when Aquarius hates you, doesn’t like you, or doesn’t love you.

If you’re still unsure of his feelings for you and you really want to know it, ask him. He’ll probably tell you if he wants something to happen between the two of you, as long as you take it lightly enough.

If he says he doesn’t love you, take your investigation one step further. Ask if there’s a specific reason.

The King of Mysteries doesn’t say to do this to every guy in the zodiac. But male Aquarius is a direct and analytical guy. He will appreciate your usual way of asking and happily share his constructive contributions about you that make him dislike you.

However, when Aquarius hates you or doesn’t love you, you can also give up. Dating an Aquarius guy is not easy. You shouldn’t feel bad about this. There’s always someone out there who loves you wholeheartedly.

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