[Horoscope] Gemini Women: Personality and Love

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Gemini girls are smart, sociable, confident, somewhat mischievous and active. They are considered the most “peach blossom” type of girl, because of their attractiveness and attraction to the opposite sex in a very strong way. So what is the Horoscope personality of female Gemini? Which bow do they fit best? Let’s find out!

Learn the personality of female Gemini

1. Be smart girls

Geminis recognize problems quickly and think very well, they are sharp, the same problem, while others are still thinking, they themselves already have the answer. She was talented but couldn’t bring herself to the fullest. If you find a clear goal in life, fame, gemini’s career will definitely be very favorable and develop.

They themselves just lack a little “push” from the outside. These people must be motivated to try to persevere to the end. Geminis are rational people, they are principled and there is hardly anything that can make them change their mind.

2. Straight temperament and always take the initiative

Gemini has a straightforward personality, when she loves someone, this girl must definitely show it clearly to the other person. If that guy likes to play “almost as far away”, Gemini will not hesitate to confess his heart to him. Gemini girls are strong, in love they do not blindly but know what they are doing. If you have a Gemini lover, sometimes you will be very grateful for her boldness, but try to accept that, because that is Gemini’s personality since birth.

This girl often has quite unique, unexpected and new ideas for the person she loves. Gemini always likes to take the initiative, besides she also knows how to make the other person happy and comfortable. With his dynamic and talkative personality, Gemini has built a very unique mark and “brand” when standing with other zodiac signs.

3. Sharp and nimble

Unlike male Geminis, Gemini girls are quite intelligent but often do not delve into an issue but have an understanding of each thing a little. Almost all acquaintances of Gemini have to admit that this girl is quite responsive and learns new things more easily than everyone else. Her knowledge often comes from a sharp mind rather than through books or traditional learning methods.

What will a Gemini daughter look like when she falls in love?

1. Susceptible to colds in front of adults

The adorable vivacious Gemini girl, somewhat obstinate and childish personality, so she is easily attracted to a mature and mature guy. Besides such a guy Gemini felt protected and loved, she felt very comfortable that such a guy would know how to think for her more and certainly have enough patience to endure her somewhat arbitrary personality.

Although their personalities are somewhat different, the two easily find in each other what they lack. Geminis who are curious about the world of “adults” and who they love also feel very warm and happy around this lovely girl. Life together will become interesting because of the presence of many different personalities, the guy teaches Gemini how to think and behave more maturely.

2. Gemini female is generous and strong in love

She always “strongly” spends on gifts of noble thoughts to her beloved. A certain anniversary for both of them might cost her half-year savings, but she was comfortable and felt it was natural.

One of the best qualities of Gemini girls who are highly valued by their friends is strength. Bearing some resemblance to LION, Female Gemini is not easily subdued by difficulties.

And emotionally, too, she will become more persistent and persistent than ever to get what she wants. At times of being deceived and betrayed in love, she will hurt to always show herself strong and act like nothing in front of everyone.

She doesn’t want you to see your weakness and suffering under any circumstances and even emotionally.

3. Like freedom and hate being controlled

Gemini is like a wind, likes freedom to fly and wants to do as he pleases. If you love a girl like that and you refuse to understand and tolerate her personality, the love between the two of you will definitely be in a lot of turbulence. Gemini is a bit religious, but she doesn’t force others to do what she wants and doesn’t want to be controlled by people.

If you feel that the two are not suitable, Gemini will definitely be the one to end this love affair on your own. For Gemini, being controlled by others is unacceptable. Gemini can give in to a lot of things but this alone is not possible, she has her own rules and if you feel that you do not really have enough “weight” in her heart, do not make her choose, because the result will most likely make you “stunned”.

What sign does Gemini female fit in?

1. Gemini females and Libra males

These two arcs are quite similar in terms of perception and many other aspects of life.

Although this is not an ideal combination, when becoming each other’s “partners”, the two will try to strengthen this relationship so that it continues to grow. Libras will always express their feelings as new lovers, and often express them publicly when the opportunity arises. This makes Gemini extremely happy. In response, Gemini also expressed a fairly open attitude when expressing feelings and giving the lover peace of mind in this relationship.

Gemini and Libra love to receive attention, sharing from friends with their happy love. They are loving, loving people who enjoy social activities, entertainment, and travel. In conjugal relations, Libra is often in high demand and always feels deprived. In general, Librans want to create new things in life to make their partner happy.

For partnerships and business relationships, these two people often play a leading role, being “spiritual leaders” to help create good relationships. They can become true friends and have the ability to discuss ideas and make decisions based on the understanding of both parties.

2. Female Gemini andmale Aquarius

The bizarre male Aquarius always stimulates the curiosity of the Gemini girl, and the creative, bold Gemini girl brings Aquarius from surprise to surprise. Together with the Gemini girl, Bao said that he never knew what boredom was, they argued passionately for hours, and Bao Bao’s intelligence and broad understanding answered all of Gemini’s troubles. In retrospect, the relationship between them could only be passionately in love.

Aquarius pairing up with female Geminis creates lovely trouble. two girls with a burning passion for moving, going wherever they wanted to eat whatever they liked. Gemini is lively, how much she talks, how calm the Aquarius girl is, Gemini is like a mass of joy revolving around Bao Bao, the quiet person chirp is the glue element of this best friend.

In short, these are the signs that merge with the female Gemini girl in the 12 zodiac signs. No matter what, you should boldly go to Gemini, because if you have sincere feelings, you will conquer success.

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