10 Clear signs when Virgo does not love you

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Sometimes it’s hard to know when a guy likes you or not. Men, especially shy people like Virgo are also quite complicated. So understanding your position with your partner is important if you’re trying to establish or maintain a relationship. You obviously don’t want to waste energy on a guy who doesn’t like you. If you’re having trouble figuring out if the Virgo in your life cares about you, read the Mysterious King’s analysis of the signs when Virgo doesn’t love you!

10 Signs when Virgo does not love you

1. He avoids you

You’ve probably heard dating a Virgo man is hard. The Virgo male hides his feelings and it is difficult to discern whether he is a cold Virgo or it is when Virgo does not love you.

When Virgo doesn’t love you, he’ll make it clear. He won’t leave room for misunderstandings. He’ll stay away from you. This doesn’t mean he always avoids you if he doesn’t text back.

Maybe he’s busy. But when this is too frequent, it’s a sign. If he sees you and turns out of sight, he is avoiding you. If he has to make plans with you reluctantly and then cancel, he is avoiding you.

When Virgo doesn’t love you, he will even shy away from a friendship if he thinks a friendship will bring you misunderstanding. If he thinks you don’t respect his boundaries, he’ll set his own.

If he thinks your emotions are too intense, he will eliminate temptation by removing himself from your vision.

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2. He does not help you

If you are wondering, whether a Virgo man makes you think he likes you, then the answer is no. He’ll try to draw the line as clearly as possible if he’s not interested in you. Despite being a friendly person, he will not offer to help you.

If a Virgo man doesn’t offer to fix you, doesn’t help you with any small things, if he doesn’t try to make your life easier, it’s a very clear sign that Virgo doesn’t love you.

When he doesn’t want to be helpful, it’s because he’s trying not to give you false hope of a future relationship. He’s trying to make it clear that there’s no future together.

When a Virgo man suddenly distances, it can be a sign that he realizes you like him and that he doesn’t share your feelings. For him, stepping back is like blocking your attraction.

3. He avoids looking you in the eye

If you are wondering about how a Virgo man shows interest, he will be patient. He will slow down and make eye contact with you. But if he avoids eye contact and behaves suddenly and impatiently, it’s a sign when Virgo doesn’t love you.

A Virgo man will not invest any extra energy to connect with you when Virgo does not love you and he is not interested. His body language will speak volume. He will shrink and seem cold.

He may cross his arms more than usual. He may turn his back on you, avoiding eye contact. He will start to walk away from you when you are talking or will keep his distance.

If he completely avoids physical connection then it is also a sign when Virgo does not love you. He only texts after you text him first. He will find excuses not to be with you.

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4. He makes an excuse to go early

You may be wondering “Does a Virgo man remember me?” when you’re not together. Pay attention to what he does when you’re together. If he sticks to his schedule, that’s normal.

But if a Virgo man finds an excuse to go early, it’s a bad sign. If he keeps checking the time or if he goes out the door early, he’s trying to avoid you.

When he is only trying minimally and even then in a hurry to leave, this is the manifestation when Virgo does not love you.

5. He is not friendly with you

Virgo is usually polite, conscientious and friendly to everyone. The only reason he is unfriendly and helpful is that he is trying to discourage you from pursuing him.

If he feels his boundaries and explains that it’s not enough for him not to share your feelings, he will stop being friendly. This is a sign when Virgo doesn’t love you.

However, Virgo men do not want to be rude. He will still be polite and kind but will be as minimal as possible to avoid rudeness. He won’t show anger or belittling you. He simply won’t be charming and kind.

Take this as a sign he’s not interested. Don’t try to paint his kind, kind side. This will only backfire. Instead, respect his boundaries and give him a chance to decide if he’s changing his mind.

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6. He is too busy to pay attention to you

All Virgo men are busy all the time. But when he’s too busy, doesn’t pay attention to you, and regularly cancels plans and ignores you, it becomes difficult to build a relationship with him.

In this case, he’s using his busy schedule as a deliberate barrier so he doesn’t have to spend time with you. He is using his workaholic nature as a way to avoid you. It’s a sign when Virgo doesn’t love you.

If you step back and take time for yourself, you can see him turn around. If he changes, it will come from his own analysis, not from being pursued.

7. He does not criticize you

This may seem strange, but it’s true. A Virgo man only takes the time to offer criticism or give feedback if he is interested in you. When Virgo doesn’t love you, he won’t bother trying to help you improve.

For him, criticism is a way to encourage you to be your best self, by his standards.

However, if he doesn’t bother giving feedback, advice, or even criticism, then he’s showing you a clue. He’s showing you he doesn’t care enough to even try to help you get promoted. Instead, he disconnects completely.

8. He ignores you

A Virgo man really does not want to do this. Deep down, he knew it was rude. The last thing he wants to do is completely ignore someone. But he will do this when he feels it is his last resort.

If he tries to be nice but makes it clear that he just wants to be friends and that doesn’t work, then next he will try to keep his distance but remain polite. However, he will still reply to your message.

He will still behave properly but will also make sure to keep his distance from you. A male Virgo who almost ignores you, in a polite way, will be a clear sign when Virgo does not love you.

If he completely ignores you, this is the result of a lot of thought and analysis on his part. If he really feels like all his efforts are fruitless, he will do the only thing he can to get the message across. He’ll let the silence speak for itself. It’s not like he’s just busy.

It’s not like it takes him a few hours to respond because he’s at work or busy. Instead, it will be more extreme. He can even block you.

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9. He directly tells you

A Virgo man will usually take a few specific steps before he completely ignores you. First, he’ll tell you outright that he’s not interested in a relationship.

He can say things like “I’m not interested in a relationship right now.” don’t get him wrong. Sometimes, a woman who hears this will think that he will be ready if she waits or tries to entice him.

He can also say “I’m glad to be interested by you but I don’t want more than a friendship.” Again, listen to his honesty. He doesn’t give you a clue to keep chasing him. He doesn’t expect you to do anything to seduce him.

Don’t get him wrong. He’s being honest as a courtesy to you. He’s not trying to lead you or hurt your feelings.

10. He changes his schedule to avoid you

A Virgo man is bound to his routine and schedule. There are two things, besides emergencies, that will cause him to change his beloved schedule. One is if he really likes you.

Even then, he’ll have to really care about you. In this case, he will change his schedule and routine to spend more time with you. This is a rare but positive sign that he is truly attracted to you.

The opposite is also true. If he changes his schedule to avoid you, he is definitely sending a strong message. If he stops exercising at a time or place to avoid seeing you, he’s doing it on purpose.

If he stops attending his regular gatherings or changes his other obvious schedule so he doesn’t see you, it’s a clear sign that Virgo doesn’t love you and is trying to make it easier for you to give up.

When a Virgo man wants you to get back to him, he won’t do this. He’ll always be available and consistent so you’ll know where to find him.

Conclusion: When Virgo doesn’t love you

Here are 10 clear signs when Virgo doesn’t love you. If you don’t see your Virgo guy having these expressions and wonder if he likes you, you can also read the article 4 signs Virgo male notices you of the Mysterious King.

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