[Love Quiz] Do you like him honestly?

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Watching the upcoming love fortune telling, relax first and ask yourself the question in your head, “Do you really like your partner?” Then answer the following questions.

Do you have anything in common with someone you like?

A: A lot. We can talk for hours about common interests.

B: I don’t know, we don’t talk much about it.

Do you and your partner joke with each other?

A: A lot!

B: We don’t talk that way.

How would you feel if your crush became more serious about your feelings for you?

A: That’s amazing!

B: I really just love watching him from afar.

When you’re with someone you love, you’ll:

A: Nervous and laughing.

B: Try to be calm and cool.

Do you think you might like other people?

A: No way. He/she is the only one I like.

B: Maybe …

How often do you talk about crush?

A: Whenever possible.

B: It’s still a secret.

When was the last time you thought about crush?

A: In a dream.

B: When I saw him in the general classroom.

If your partner asked you out on a date, how would you react?

A: Gosh, I fainted! What should I say now?

B: I’m going to invite him to visit an interesting museum that’s just opened.

Does your mom know about crush?

A: Yes. They’ve met a few times already.

B: No. I didn’t want her to know.

How would you describe someone you like?

A: I’ve never met someone like him.

B: They’re easy to talk to.

What are your fond memories with crush?

A: I can’t choose. We always have a lot of fun together.

B: Every time we hang out with friends.

Do you and your partner talk to each other often?

A: Regularly 24/7.

B: Often in class, occasionally texting through mess.

The first time you see the crush, you:

A: Think they’re cute, but mostly like the other person’s personality.

B: Want your partner to pay attention to you.

Do you hang out with crushes a lot?

A: All the time, both in groups and out on private.

B: At parties or meeting in the hallways, we never went out in private.

If you don’t meet your crush at school, you’ll:

A: Text them to inquire.

B: Feeling confused.

Why do you want to date your partner?

A: You and your partner have a lot in common, funny and thoughtful.

B: You “fall” to the appearance and eyes of the other person.

If your partner goes away, you will:

A: You want to define a healthy and sustainable long-distance love relationship.

B: You follow them on social media and try to stay in touch.

What do you like best about your partner?

A: They always make you laugh.

B: Physique or face.

When your crush does something bad, you’ll:

A: Talking to them, you feel comfortable facing the problem.

B: Ask yourself if your feelings for them are enough to bring this up.

Since meeting, how has your relationship progressed?

A: We were best friends before we became lovers.

B: We text and meet at parties, but haven’t hung out yet.

What kind of attitude does the person you like have towards you?

A: Very sweet. He always asks me how I am and gives me the feeling that I am important to them.

B: Good at “hearing drop”, good “chemistry”.

How do you feel for your partner?

A: The more I hang out with my partner, the more I have feelings for them.

B: He makes you laugh unexplainably.

Sometimes you secretly feel:

A: You can say “I love you” when you’re with your partner.

B: If you date your partner, it won’t be as cool as you think.

When you receive a message from your partner, you’ll:

A: Text them something cute back. You’re always happy even if your partner just says “hi.”

B: Wait at least an hour to text back, because you don’t want your partner to think you’re waiting for a message from them.

On Valentine’s Day, you hope your partner will:

A: Plan something special just for two people.

B: Leave gifts in your closet with lovely messages.

You hope he:

A: Like you as much as you like your partner.

B: Also secretly likes you.

When your friends see two people together, they’ll:

A: Congratulations on your official love.

B: Remind yourself not to rush forward.

The answer is below:

If the answer is largely A:

Your feelings are completely real. You like your partner not only because of their appearance and achievements, but they make you trust and are willing to share private things that have never been said to anyone. Even if you’re not ready to say “I love you,” that closeness, trust, and deep connection are the foundation for lasting love.

If the answer is largely B:

It just seemed like a heatstroke. Maybe you don’t know them well enough to know if your feelings are genuine or just momentary infatuation. When you’re infatuated with someone and after starting hanging out with your partner, the excitement of a dream come true can make you think you love them more than you really do.

It is important that the two of you have more contact. If you don’t succeed, don’t despair, you can still learn a lot about romance. Maybe, as time passes, a deeper relationship may develop.

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