Does Crush Like You Quiz – 10 Signs

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What do you think of you? Can 2 people get together? Let’s also Find out the answer with the Crush quiz if you like it!

Quiz: Does the person you like like?

trắc nghiệm crush có thích bạn không

1. Does your partner glance at you?

a. Very often

b. Sometimes I catch his eyes looking at me.

c. None

2. Does your partner joke or flirt with you?

a. Yes, occasionally

b. Just kidding and flirting

c. None

3. Does your partner chat, text, call, or email you?

a. Or call and text

b. Chat regularly when you’re free

c. No contact

4. Did he tell his friends about their relationship?

a. Have

b. I think there is

c. No.

5. How does he treat you?

a. Good

b. He was a very affectionate person.

c. We Never Talk

6. Have you ever dated or “XO” your partner?

a. Already.. each… both

b. We’re just friends.

c. We rarely talk, let alone “XO”

7. If he sees you, he…

a. Like I said, he’s very much staring at me.

b. Hi and ask me a few questions

c. No, we never talked to each other in private.

8. Do you like your partner?

a. I think I like it.

b. We’re just friends.

c. Never

10. Do you really think your partner likes you?

a. I bet he was “drunk” I was spinning!

b. May also

c. I don’t know.

Do Crush multiple choice answers like you

If the majority of your questions are…

A: He likes you honestly!

B: Your crush may like you but not confess, or you and your partner have a beautiful and cherished friendship. 

C: Maybe you’re just a little delusional and you’re just doing this test for fun!

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